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Tips for Successful Consignment


We set prices by mutual agreement. Most of our consignors rely on us to suggest the price for their items based on our experience of what it takes to sell a comparable item. If you have an item you believe to be of unique value, please discuss this with us. That way, we have as much information as possible to promote your item and show the value for the price.

Getting More for Your Items

Customers want clean items in excellent condition. Items that sell quickly are clean, have good quality, good eye appeal, and a fair price. Please clean your items before bringing them in. Remove dirt, dust, fingerprints, etc. Be sure to vacuum chairs and sofa cushions, and clean off cobwebs and spider nests from underneath your furniture (yes, we all have them)!

Take care to inspect your items. Upholstery should have no rips, tears, or stains. Glass items should be shined and have no cracks or chips. Wood products should have tight joints, all screws tightened, and scratches filled in. Clocks and watches must be working, and pictures/mirrors should be ready to hang with the appropriate hardware tightly secured on the back.

Consignments prepared for sale carefully usually sell within the first 30 days. It is to your advantage to take the time and effort in advance for best pricing and quick sales!