1910 Bernard St, Raleigh NC 27608 Open Sunday, 12pm
1910 Bernard Street
Open Sunday, 12pm


Hunt & Gather at Bernard Street provides a host of professional services for buyers and sellers. No matter what your need, we have the perfect solution!  Read on for details on what we have to offer!


We accept individual items for consignment. Getting started is easy - use our online consignment request form to send us a description and picture of the item, or drop off photos at the store for review. We will review the information and contact you to get started. If you have a whole household or several items, we are happy to make an appointment to view items in your home. There is never a charge for consultation. To be sure you get the most from your consignment experience, please read over our tips for consigning.

Interior Design

Looking to redecorate a room, or an entire home? We have access to top interior designers in Raleigh & North Carolina. In addition, many of our dealers are interior designers, and we welcome you to explore their spaces for design inspiration!

Estate & Tag Sales

If you have an entire household or estate to sell, we can help you get the best possible price for your items within a short space of time. Estate sales are typically held on weekends, running 1 to 2 days, and are the right option if you have an immediate need to liquidate for reasons of moving, downsizing or handling of a deceased family member's estate. Call us at 1-919-834-9989 to enquire about booking an estate sale.

Become a Dealer

There are many advantages of being a dealer at Hunt & Gather:

  • We're located just Inside the Beltline, easily accessible to a strong community of people who appreciate interior design.
  • We provide a friendly, relaxing and inviting environment which inspires both customers and dealers alike.
  • It's easy. All you need to do is bring in your items and arrange them in your booth. We take care of advertising, selling items, collecting sales tax and everything else. With close parking and easy access, bringing your items in is a breeze.

We have a range of different sized spaces. Call us at 1-919-834-9989 to enquire about space availability and request a dealer application form.

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